Dates & Time

We welcome volunteers during the entire nesting season every year:

From March, 1st to September, 30th

No minimum duration required: you’re free to stay 2, 7 or 10 days, 2 or 3 weeks, 1 month, etc…

We also offer a long-term volunteer program (2 months or more) for people willing to assist our coordinator or support scientific research.
(If you’re interested, please contact us through the Contact Us Page)

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Financial Contribution

ASTOP is a non-profit organisation. To this end, all fees are used to finance our project and the economic development of our community: funds ensure we can afford to pay our local guides, complete some renovation work, support our host families and a biologist.

Registration fee: $50 USD/person (for all the stays of 5 days or more)

– Patrol contribution fee: $10 USD/person/patrol

– Accommodation costs: see details below

Accommodation options:

Volunteers’ House “Casona”: $40 USD/person/night (3 meals included) or $20 USD/person/night (w/o meals); Prices include the registration fee of $50 USD/person for stays of 5 days or less; 1 month package $300 USD/person (includes patrol contribution of $10 USD/person/patrol)

  • This dormatory type building has four mixed dorms with four beds in each and is only a few steps away from the beach.
    Equipment: running water, electricity, WIFI, locked bedrooms, fans, mosquito nets, washing machine, hammocks, kitchen with fridge, gas stove, coffee machine, and shared bathroom.

Credit: Hélène Cirujano ©


Host Family: $30 USD/person/night (3 meals, laundry, and patrol fee $10 USD/person/patrol included)

  • This is the best option if you want to immerse yourself totally in the local culture. You will live at the Caribbean pace and share your meals & your everyday life with your host family.
  • Please know that the money you’ll spend during your stay will be invested in the local & sustainable development of the community: indeed, money paid for accommodation with a host family is a significant source of income and will allow them to improve their living conditions. For example, families often invest the money earned by completing renovations in their home.
Credit: Hélène Cirujano ©


Hotel/Cabinas: $16 USD/person/night (w/o meals; does not include the $10 USD/person/patrol fee)

  • There are two high-quality hotels in the village with a breakfast option. For the other meals, the village has four sodas where you’ll be able to have lunch or dinner.
Credit: Hélène Cirujano ©

Please have a look at our “F.A.Q.” Page to know what to bring before applying.