What is volunteerism?

“Volunteerism is a solidarity & participative action which consists of helping, during free-time, a project linked to conservation and enhancement of animals, plants, environment & cultural diversity. A volunteer is a committed and unpaid citizen, who does not receive in this capacity financial compensation for his/her actions.”

Credit: Stanford University BOSP 2013 ©


So the volunteer is a person who assists with a biodiversity conservation program on a charity work basis. At ASTOP, we campaign for nature & environment through a sea turtle conservation program to ensure the protection & successful reproduction of sea turtles on our beach.

Who can volunteer?

If you’re curious, with a global outlook, if you want to discover a new country & its culture, or you want to travel differently by bringing something to the world & working together collectively, then volunteerism is for you!

We welcome all fit and healthy people, of any age or nationality (minors must be accompanied by an adult), whether you travel alone or with your family: as long as you have the desire to take action for the planet & to be a part of something bigger, you’re welcome to join us!

Credit: Joshua Feltham ©


Why volunteer?

– a unique, human, different life experience
– the opportunity to be part of something bigger by simply giving
meet amazing people from different backgrounds & cultures from all around the world
immerse yourself in a different culture, discover a country & its wealth differently
– take part in the sustainable & ethical development of a community
– take concrete action in the conservation of a biodiversity threatened by human activities
learn more about the amazing sea turtles