Your daily tasks

You will have two main duties in relation to the sea turtle conservation project: night patrols & hatchery monitoring.

Night Patrols

  • Work with a team supervised by our local guides on one of two shifts: from 8pm to midnight, or from midnight to 4am.
  • You will patrol the beach of Parismina seeking turtles or their nests.
  • You will also assist our guides in the monitoring of nesting turtles, collect & relocate eggs and collect data about the specimens encountered.
  • Schedule is two nights patrolling and one day off.
Credit: Felipe Villegas ©

Hatchery Monitoring

  • The hatchery is the place where we relocate the eggs until they hatch. It must be under supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during  the incubation period
  • This will dissuade anyone from stealing the eggs and prevent other potential threats such as dogs or crabs from raiding the nests.
  • Someone must also be present in case of hatching to assure all the hatchlings will make it to the ocean.

Credit: Hélène Cirujano ©


In addition to this, throughout the season, you will help during the day in group tasks for the community, depending on the needs of the moment:

  • nest excavation
  • collecting data
  • hatchery building
  • painting & repairs, home improvements
  • gardening
  • creative workshops with children, etc…

Credit: Hélène Cirujano ©

You will also have the opportunity to take action in our collecting & sorting campaigns for trash, to keep the beach clean and safe for people and turtles.

If you have any particular skills in some relevant field (such as medical field) and you want to provide us with it, please feel free to tell us about it. We’ll be happy to hear your proposals and guide you through their implementation.

WARNING: We should inform you that volunteer duties are not designed for everybody. Night patrols are demanding & irregular schedules disrupt the natural sleep cycle. This might quickly lead to the point of exhaustion. Some days are really tiring. That’s why if your goal is to simply observe turtles, we suggest you consider a trip with a private tourist guide or a tour operator.


Everyday Life

Apart from the duties presented above for which you enrolled in, you’ll be free to have the rest of your time in Parismina as you want.

Village offers plenty of leisure activities:

  • go to the beach, football field & beach volleyball court
  • horse riding
  • hiking to discover fauna & flora
  • cooking & dancing classes
  • creative workshops (bracelets, painting, etc…)
  • boat tours to the lagoon
  • Tortuguero National Park visit
  • fishing
  • gardening
  • reading
    …& much more!